Helping kids grow in faith and build great friendships.

In our primary school environment, kids get to discover that the Bible is totally awesome; that church is super exciting and that life with Jesus is the best! Each child also gets to be part of a Small Group, where your child is cared for by a Group Leader. Where they can apply what they are learning at their level and get to know other kids their age. Our programme is the perfect place for your child to make great friends, have awesome role models and grow as a young person. 

Hey Parents/Caregivers...

We care about what is important to you. Our biggest goal at SwitchKids it to partner with you to raise great kids. And there are three main ways we strive to do this:


We use only the best volunteers. We Have a thorough vetting process for every volunteer in SwitchKids, including a Police Check. Our team are passionate about each individual child and will do their best to care for all their needs. Be sure to let the leaders know if you have any special instructions or requests for your child so that we can work with you during this stage in your child’s life.


We provide resources to keep the conversation going. You will receive regular emails with topics we are going to be covering and key scriptures that will be used. These are provided to give you the opportunity to be in the know about what your kids are learning and to encourage the continuation of learning into the week at home.


We seek out great tools and resources to help you. We know the influence you have at home far outweighs what we can do with an hour a week. We also know that parenting can be difficult at the best of times. So we are passionate about identifying some amazing resources for parents that we know will benefit all parents immensely.

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