The LifeSwitch Challenge

One year, one commitment. 

Are you looking to deepen your faith journey and lay an incredible foundation for your future?
Taking this one year challenge requires a strong level of commitment, yet one that is well worth it for the return you’ll experience. We have no doubts that if you take and complete the challenge you will be much better off for it. That’s why we make it free to grab a LifeSwitch Challenge box.*

The process to get started is simple....
1. Collect your Box
2. Register for the Challenge
3. Get Going

*However if you do give up on the challenge, we do ask that you reimburse us $37 as this is what the boxes cost to produce.

About the challenge...

This challenge is one that will help you cement in place key habits that will help you flourish in your faith. The five components that make up the challenge have been chosen as they are achievable for those with a busy life and do not require an over the top or crazy time commitment. However they will require you to prioritise them.

We believe when you prioritise these things you will experience some incredible growth because Jesus told us to seek first his kingdom and his righteousness and when we do He will ensure everything works out.

The 5 Components

Personally engage with the Bible every day. Yes, every day. How much is up to you. But it needs to be daily. The key here is prioritisation. We all have the time to engage with the Bible each day, but often we don’t prioritise it so we overlook it.
Yes every week. Even when on holiday. Unless you’re sick. Please don’t attend a service if you’re sick. Try an online one. Again it is about prioritisation. You want to prioritise gathering on a Sunday.
Groups are where true community takes place. They are where we can speak with, rather than be spoken to. We have a great smorgasbord of groups each semester so choose the group that most suits you and go be part of it.
This one is a little different, but we know great things happen when we break routine and focus our attention on God. Night of Worship events are special nights designed to help you connect with God in a special way.
This final component is the one that offers you the most flexibility. We like to say Serve Strategically because we don’t think people should simply serve to fill a roster spot, but rather to use their gifts and talents to help others. Serving shifts you from a passive attender to an active team member, and this shift generally leads to meaningful moments for people. 

Sign up! 

Once you have a LifeSwitch Challenge Box, we ask you to register your participation in the challenge and your start date. This allows you to get the support you need through encouragement and accountability.

Over the course of the year you will get:
1. A series of encouraging emails to encourage you along as you go
2. Access to a LifeSwitch Challenge Telegram group where you post about how things are going, look for help and support, let others know what God is doing in you and through you as you work through the challenge.
3. The occasional question sent though to help you reflect on the journey so far.
4. Plus more we haven’t thought of yet.

We're here to help.

Read Daily

The most important thing to do here is to pick a Bible reading plan. There are a few we recommend, however there is an unlimited number available for you to try.  Below are a few ways to get started...

YouVersion Bible App

This App makes it easy to join plans and means you have the Bible with you all the time. Making it easy to get that daily reading in. You can also find LifeSwitch on this App with Bible plans we recommend.
Or get stuck into one of these:

Recommended Bibles

 Our #1 recommendation is the NLT Life Application Bible. The reason being is that study bibles come with notes that help you make sense of what you’re reading. Feel free to check out Manna Bookstore for a bigger selection. Plus, the staff there are great and will help you find something perfect for you. 

Engaging with the Bible

This short e-booklet has some help to set you up to engage with the Bible on a daily basis, plus FAQs about reading your Bible and more.

Spiritual Pathways

When you identify your spiritual pathway it helps you embrace and leverage what makes you feel close to God. This e-booklet has a simple assessment and overviews of the different spiritual pathways.

Fast Track

This easy to read e-booklet gives an overview of the bible and helps you understand the wider story of the scriptures in a way that will help you contextualise what you reading on a daily basis. It’s probably a two hour read in total, broken up into 8 chapters.

Attend Weekly

Do everything you can to attend a church service every week. It doesn’t have to be a LifeSwitch service. Just attend a service. Here we recommend attending in person. Only if absolutely necessary attend online.

Join a Group Semesterly

Groups are where community happens. We believe that groups fast track our spiritual maturity as they help us apply our faith to our everyday life.  
Why Groups?  - Explains why we are so passionate about groups and how groups work here at LifeSwitch .

Break Routine Occasionally

Don’t miss out on special Night of Worship evenings we run occasionally through the year. If you’re attending regularly you’ll get plenty of warning and your group will no doubt point you towards them as well. Whether you’ve been to one before, or not, what we know is when you engage with God daily as this challenge requires, your worship is so much more special and natural because you’re coming in already close to God.
Get the LifeSwitch App and so you’ll see when the Night of Worships are coming up. Don’t stress, you’ll get reminders by being signed up to the LifeSwitch Challenge.

Serve Strategically

Please know we don’t simply want you to serve because we need people. The reality is, things are running quite nicely as they are. We want you to serve because we want something for you. That’s why we say serve strategically.  We know people are all in different stages and seasons of life. So finding a role that suits your stage and season is essential. Some roles require a lot, so if you have a lot to give, go for one of these. Some require a lot less, so if you’ve already got a lot going on, there is still some way you can play your part. These booklets will help you understand why it is important people get involved and hopefully help you identify your spiritual gifts.

Get Involved

This e-booklet explains why getting involved and serving strategically is both biblical and why when you do serve, both yourself and others win.

Spiritual Gifts

This helpful guide will support you in helping to identify your spiritual gifts.  Allowing you to better understand how God has uniquely shaped you.
If you’re still unsure where your best fit is, reach out here. We’d love to have a conversation with you to help you connect into the right team. Finally, always remember, you can swap roles so if you give something a go and it doesn’t work out, you can try something else.