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We’re so excited you are looking to join a group. We believe it is in Groups that real life change happens. At LifeSwitch we take a slightly different approach to groups and use a semester model.

Our next semester for Groups will begin the start of February 2023.  We always have a variety of groups so there will be one for you. They include young adults groups, families groups, women’s groups, curriculum focused groups, zoom groups and so much more. To give you an idea of the types of groups available, see below for the weekly groups running in the current semester.

Semester Groups

Get to know more about what makes our way of doing groups different.

Groups at LifeSwitch run by Semesters and we have 3 semesters per year. Allowing Groups 13 weeks together and a break period before the next Semester begins. Therefore offering a little breathing room for everyone, time to sharpen, refine and improve, and the chance to make sure everyone has an opportunity to join a Group.

We only ask people to commit to a group for a semester. That’s it. You don’t sign up for a year, a few years or a lifetime. Just 13 weeks. We believe that those 13 weeks will be so
 beneficial  you will instantly want to sign up for the next semester, but that’s entirely up to you. We don’t want to be pouring time, effort and energy into things that don’t add value to people. This will ensure that groups are in fact adding value and therefore people want to remain part of them.

Groups vary in content - some being specialised curriculums, others follow Sunday content, others taking a dinner and conversation approach. All of which people are able to see before registering to be part of a Group.

Current groups running...

Nothing Can Go Wrong Group
Mountain biking in the dark, efoiling, a BBQ on Ward Island, a night of culture and Poker these are the things we’ll get up to. The “nothing can go wrong”group is for guys to have some fun, learn some new names and get out and do something.
Zoom Group
Connect weekly on zoom, for those whose life situations make getting out in the evening difficult. Following the content from Sunday, this group operates as any other LifeGroup would, just without the travel, allowing you to connect in from anywhere.
Upper Hutt Group
Come along to have robust discussion about how we apply the Bible to our lives, meet some new people, maybe make some lifelong friendships, enjoy supper together and pray for each other as we face the challenges of life.
Girls Night In Group
If you’re a woman then this group is for you. Young, matured and anything in between. Spend a night in (the Word), coupled by fellowship, a cuppa and the odd bit of essential chocolate. A night in, learning more about God’s word, encouraging one another in becoming God-fearing women.
Women's Group
A group for women to connect, build relationships and grow together in faith. Bible study based.
Families Group
Dinner time group for all those families with kids – navigating groups & family can get tricky. So let’s combine the two. With a weekly potluck meal, we’ll have dinner, the kids can play and the adults can catch up, encourage one another and build relationally.
Mums & Bubs Group
A group specifically for Mum’s to connect and create life-long friendships over a cuppa while the little ones also get to play and connect with one another! All babies and preschoolers are welcome!
Young Adults Group
Potluck dinners + cool people + great convo! A time each week for Young Adults to connect, grow and get to know others. A place to share in good food and good times as we build community together.
The Morning Tea Group
This is an outreach focused group, around creating community, inviting people to do life with and having some good coffee and tea. Come as you are, whether you're working from home on Fridays, have kids, or have the day off we would love to have you over!

Let me know about Groups.

We'd love to get you connected to a group when the next semester is open. Fill out the form below if you’d like us to get in touch when groups open!

We'd love to get you connected to a group when the next semester is open. Fill out the form below if you’d like us to get in touch when groups open!