We're looking at the latest hit songs
in a whole new way.

Sundays  9:30A  + 11:00A  all through the month of November

What's Shuffle all about?

Music is powerful.  Music moves our emotions.
It brings back memories, it defines eras.
It both reveals and defines our culture. 
There is no doubt music impacts our lifestyles.
Music is influential and so are the messages it communicates.

So let's use some of the most well known songs today as a starting point to help us discover things about God, ourselves and the life that's possible for us.

Plus there will be weekly music trivia with prizes up for grabs!

This year's songs include:

Nov 5


Taylor Swift

Nov 12

What Was I Made For?

Billie Eilish

Nov 19

Fast Car

Luke Combs

Nov 26