You're invited!

Whether you've never been to church before, haven't been in a long time, or you are someone who always plans to attend an Easter event, we'd love to invite you to join us for our special Easter series!

It doesn't matter if you can make one, two or all three weeks of the series, please come along.  We have services running at 9:30A & 11:00A. There is a seat waiting for you and anyone you'd like to bring. With incredible kids programmes running for those ages 2-4, 5-11 and Years 7&8, your family will be well catered for.

We hope to see you this Easter!

Easter 2024

Easter at LifeSwitch

Easter marks the events in our history when everything changed! The weekend when Jesus would take on death and come out the other side victorious. One man’s death so that all might live!  Over  three weeks, we’ll be mapping our way through the events of the Easter weekend wrapping up celebrating Jesus' resurrection on Easter Sunday. 

March 17

Suffering Saviour

The events that led to the arrest and betrayal of Jesus and the implications of Jesus' sacrifice. Starting with Mary anointing Jesus to his arrest in the garden of Gethsemane.

March 24

A Beautiful Exchange

The events of Jesus’s death that would lead to the greatest display of love from his sentencing before Pilate to his burial. 

March 31 (Easter Sunday)

The Empty Tomb

A horrific death, an empty tomb. A crucified body, a dead man walking. The most significant day in human history. A resurrection took place, meaning we can all have hope for the future and peace in the present.