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Camp Survivor is a big part of LifeSwitch. It has taken on various forms over the years, yet throughout it has always served three key focuses: Connecting 9-12 year olds with God - we want to help those in this age group develop a faith they own. Furthermore, we also...

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Stepping Out of the Boat

It was so exciting to see so many people respond to the challenge of stepping out of the boat on Sunday. There is no doubt that incredible things happen when we decide to stop taking our Christianity casually and go 'all in' with it.  Our commitment as a church, is to...

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The Safety of Our Kids

When you hand your child to us, we take seriously the responsibility we are handed. We strongly believe that LifeSwitch has a responsibility to provide a safe and protected environment for kids and I will do all I can to put preventative measures in place to do just...

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Our Future – an update

Thank you so much to everyone who came out last week to the Our Future Vision Formation Workshops. It was so good to have so many people involved and contributing. I was totally blown away by the stories of people who committed to the fasting and praying over the 7...

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7 Days of Prayer and Fasting

7 DAYS OF PRAYER AND FASTING As a church, we are about to go into a seven days of focused prayer as we really seek Him for where we wants us to go in this new season. One of the most powerful things we can do as we pray is to fast. It’s one of the many ways we seek to...

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Our Future

We are about to embark on a very exciting process to see what God has in store for us in the next season of our story. This should give some insight into how we want to hear what God is calling us to. LifeSwitch exists to connect people to God. We do so because every...

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Big Announcement Regarding Our Youth Ministry

Tonight at FUSE & IGGY a big announcement was made to our young people regarding Judith & Ethan and their future. And I wanted to ensure that everyone in LifeSwitch (and parents of our young people) are informed and kept in the loop through first hand...

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Your relationship with God is the most important relationship in your life and the one that directs and leads you in every other relationship.  It is our desire and driver to see every person have a flourishing relationship with God. A relationship that is: fueling...

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