Youth Jam is for anyone aged 12-20 who wants to build musical confidence and a heart for worship.  It is run by some of the amazing LifeSwitch Music Team members and is a FREE way for young people to upskill and practice.

Held fortnightly during the school terms in the Studio at LifeSwitch on Thursdays from 7pm – 8pm there will be a fun band atmosphere where everyone gets a go no matter whether they’re a beginner or more skilled.  Even if they just want to sing in a group without a mic – they are fully welcome to come along!  

Full details are: 
For ages 12-20
For singers and musicians (drums, guitar, keys, bass)
Any level – beginner or more advanced

Fortnightly on Thursdays (during school terms)
Starting Thursday 23 July

The Studio at LifeSwitch (next to the LifeSwitch office building)

Free band class to upskill and practise
Lead by LifeSwitch Music Team members (Adults and Young Adults to help mentor, teach, encourage)
Will lead towards forming a Youth Band

Any questions, feel free to email Naomi –