Kia Ora Young Adults

As you are all well aware by now, our nation is facing unprecedented circumstances as we navigate the effects of Covid-19 throughout New Zealand. In response to the 4 week lock-down we will no longer be able to meet together as we have been. Instead we’ll move our hangouts to online using Zoom meeting rooms.
You can download Zoom via this link:
The first meeting is Sunday April 5th at 12pm – the link to the meeting is

To stay connected about the frequency, date & time of virtual hangouts please download telegram if you are not already a member by following this link:  and then you’ll be added to our LifeSwitch Young Adults group! 
Throughout this season I’m aware of how scary it can be to be isolated and stuck at home. I’m praying for you all that through this season your faith and depth of relationship with God would be strengthened and grown. May you know His peace, joy and hope over the coming weeks and months. 
On a practical level we want to help! If there’s anything you need support with whether it’s a practical need, prayer or someone to talk to then you can head to our main page and click ‘Get Help’. Alternatively if you want to help others but aren’t sure how, then click on ‘Give Help’ and we’ll be in touch.
Be sure to reach out when you need it, we may be physically distant from one another but that doesn’t mean we have to be socially distant. 
Much Aroha, 
Ana Van Elswijk
Youth & Young Adult Pastor
027 385 1694 ///