The place to be in the school holidays.

When: 9am Wednesday October 12th 2022 until 4.30pm Friday October 14th

Where: At LifeSwitch (on the grounds of Silverstream Retreat – 3 Reynolds Bach Drive Silverstream)

Who: Year 8 young people from the Hutt Valley

Cost: Camp is free, however a non-refundable payment of $30.00** is required to secure your child’s place.  When your child attends camp, this payment will be used to provide them with some canteen spending money and a themed t-shirt provided after camp.

How to register: Places at our Camps are always very sought after and always result in more people registering for places than there are places available.  So in the first instance we ask you to register your interest in having your child attend Year 8 Camp.  
Places at camp will then be allocated and you will be notified as to whether we can offer your child a place or not.  When you have been offered a place, there will be a full registration form to complete and the $30.00 non-refundable payment will be required to be paid.

**Please note, we have had to introduce the $30 cost to ensure people are committed to camp. We found too many people were pulling out last minute and preventing us from offering the opportunity to those who truly want to be there.

Why a Year 8 Camp?

LifeSwitch usually runs Camp Survivor each April for those in school years 5, 6, 7 & 8.  Due to Covid restrictions we were unable to do this in 2022.

As 2022 would have been the last time that Year 8 young people could have attended Camp Survivor – we have decided to provide a one-off Year 8 camp for them in October so that they don’t miss out on the camp experience.

Year 8 Camp will be run in a similar way to Camp Survivor (details below)

Why we run Camp Survivor...


To give each child who attends an unforgettable week and provides them with opportunities they might not otherwise have. Each day of camp is all about fun, adventure and friends. They are intentionally designed to provide an unforgettable experience for each child through various activities, challenges, games and new friendships. We want every child when they leave to be excited and encouraged. 


To give young people a practical training ground to help them become leaders worth following.
Camp Survivor is also a key part of our Youth Leadership Pipeline.   Running alongside our weekly youth programmes we want to provide a training ground for young aspiring leaders. With various levels of leadership training, workshops and practical experiences each young person is given every opportunity to learn and develop their leadership skills. With ongoing coaching and feedback, prior to and after the camps we are dedicated to training and developing great leaders who can make a difference and contribute to their communities and schools. We don’t just aim to help young people become leaders, but leaders worth following. 


As a tangible expression of our Christian faith, we want to do something well beyond ourselves that makes an impact in our community.
As a church, LifeSwitch, underwrites the entire cost of each Camp Survivor totalling around $40,000. This allows the camp to be offered to the children and families at no cost, possible only because of the generosity of the people of LifeSwitch and our sponsors. As places are limited we are not able to guarantee a place to everyone so families are asked to register their interest. Rather than operate on a ‘first in first served’ basis, places are allocated by selection so that a fair cross-section of the local community gets to experience Camp.

Camp FAQs

From how we select who gets a placement, to accommodation, to volunteer vetting, this list should cover all the questions you may have about Camp Survivor plus a whole lot more! 

Youth Leadership Pipeline

Our heartbeat isn’t to simply run camps. It is to develop great young leaders who are worth following. Camp Survivor is simply a great tool we have to introduce young people to the pipeline and an incredible practical opportunity for them to develop in their leadership. This overview explains the wider Leadership Pipeline and how we intentionally develop young people to become leaders worth following.