Here’s what we covered at our SERVE Team Gathering on Sunday July 19th



Our heart is that every person who serves here at LifeSwitch feels Valued, Safe, Connected and Empowered. We really want to do all we can so you feel these things. Not occasionally, but constantly.  

Furthermore, we also want every person we serve to feel these things as well. Given the size of our SERVE Team and the fact that we all come from different backgrounds and are so diverse , and the fact we want this to happen intentionally rather than accidentally we need to get super clear about two things – Culture and Organisation. 


Culture either happens by default or design. Rather than leaving our culture to chance and hoping for the best, we want to intentionally create a culture that is most likely going to lead to people connecting with God and to life change. That’s where these four feelings come in. We know if someone is feeling Valued, Safe, Connected and Empowered they are more likely going to be in a position to connect to God and experience life change.

When we have such a large number of people involved serving, organisation matters. Having a LifeSwitch way of doing things ensures we make the most of the single greatest thing our people give – their time. Having clear systems honours everyone’s time as it maximises what they can contribute in the time they give. Plus having clear processes ensures we create a repeatable, rather than random experience for both the people serving and everyone who engages with us.

Unfortunately people don’t feel valued, safe, connected and empowered naturally. So we need to put things in place so this happens in a consistent and repeatable manner. 


To do this we have introduced Playbooks. A playbook is essentially something that highlights the culture and organisational side of things so we are all unified in what we are doing.

  • We are embracing two pieces of software to ensure that all our communication is clear and consistent: Planning Centre and Telegram. 
  • Planning Centre is where all of our rostering and scheduling happens.
  • We are moving to a unified rostering system so all teams work to the same schedule. Therefore making it much easier for people who are in more than one team. 
  • Telegram is where we have team (group) chats set up so everyone can communicate with one another.
  • We want to develop and build our teams so that our leaders are leading. A lot of time is spent by leaders at the moment putting out fires. If we can get the right systems and team members in place, it will position our leaders to lead and spend the majority of their time inspiring, encouraging and supporting the team members, creating the SERVE experience we want you to have.



We also talked about the term you may have noticed us using over the last few weeks – SERVE Team. This has been an intentional move away from using the word our volunteers. The primary reason for this is we see you as being way more than volunteers. You are people who go above and beyond, who do what needs to be done, who bring your best, who really do seek to serve others. 

We also want to convey the reality that we are all part of one big team. That what we do is interconnected and all plays a role in seeing people connect with God and experiencing life change.


We finished up by doing an exercise across each team where we asked how we could ensure you as team leaders/members feel Valued, Safe, Connected and Empowered. Then how do we ensure those we are serving feel Valued, Safe, Connected and Empowered.

We will be working the feedback that came back from these into some operational procedures that we can then use to train and induct SERVE Team members. 

Hope this all makes sense! 


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