Camp Survivor is a big part of LifeSwitch. It has taken on various forms over the years, yet throughout it has always served three key focuses:

  1. Connecting 9-12 year olds with God – we want to help those in this age group develop a faith they own. Furthermore, we also want to connect with the families of the campers and help connect them to God as well.
  2. Serving our Community – we want to serve the Hutt Valley community in a generous and powerful way.
  3. Youth Leadership Development – By engaging around 60 teenage volunteers, there is no better way to provide hands on leadership experience.

These are the things we are committed to, they are the ‘why’ behind Camp Survivor. 

As with everything, evaluation is really important, therefore we are wanting a whole lot of your feedback in order to help us as we evaluate how we are doing and whether we can be more effective at hitting the three key focuses we aim to hit through Camp Survivor.

So we’d love you to take 3 minutes and fill out this survey, so we can undertake an effective evaluation and ensure we are being the best stewards of all that God has given us.

Want more information about Camp Survivor? Here is some:

  • We currently run Camp Survivor twice per year – April & October school holiday.
  • Each camp has 300 campers (150 in year 5 & 6, and 150 in year 7 & 8).
  • This means we have 600 campers per year. However given around 125 attend two camps in the year we have around 475 different campers.
  • Each camp costs $38,000 to run. This doesn’t include staff time. This is an annual investment of $76,000.
  • We have developed a super intentional Leadership Pipeline that sits in behind Camp Survivor to intentionally foster leadership.
  • In addition to the teenage volunteers, there are a whole lot of young adult and adult volunteers who make everything happen.
  • The year 7 & 8 camp runs from Sunday night to late Wednesday morning. The year 5 & 6 camp runs from lunchtime Wednesday to late Friday afternoon.