Hey LifeSwitch

I just wanted to give a quick update on where things are at for those interested:


21 Days of Prayer & Fasting

It’s been awesome to see so many posting and sharing in our Facebook group. There are only a few days left to go, let’s keep it going, your prayers are powerful and effective!  

On the day we were praying for the vulnerable, we were informed about a MSD fund set up to support social agencies respond to the need arising out of the COVID-19 pandemic. We applied for and received a $5,000+GST grant to which New World Silverstream has added significantly, and together this will allow us to arrange nearly 100 care packages made of $80 worth of essential groceries to help those who are struggling through this season. We are just finalising the details around this, so please expect to hear more as we find the right way to get people nominated to receive the packages so they get into the hands of people who truly need them. 

I thought it was pretty amazing how this all happened – prayer!!!


Calling Campaign

We have called through our entire database to check in, make sure everyone is ok and look to help as best we possibly can.


Helping Those Who Can’t Use Online Shopping

We have a team now running strong who are working with people who can’t use online shopping and are at risk (particularly those aged 70+) so shouldn’t leave their home. It starts with one of our people calling in the evening getting a grocery list, then dropping into New World in the morning before the supermarket is open to the public to collect the groceries and box them up. Then another one of our people goes in later in the day, gets all kitted up in gloves, masks etc, collects the boxes and transports them to the house and collects payment. We have a few incredible stories to share around this that’ll be coming out over the next week or so. Really cool to see.


LifeSwitch Online

Thanks for jumping on board with our new online format for our Sunday service. We are experimenting with different software and ways to do this to make it as effective and as reaching as possible. Also to ensure we engage with the people who log in and watch. 

We are very intentional about doing this for an online audience and not just trying to replicate a normal Sunday service where people physically attend. The biggest challenge around this is not being able to have a group of us together to make it happen. Having a few more in the room would be very beneficial and allow more experimentation to occur.  I really appreciate all the feedback that has been coming in and blown away by the number of views we are getting each week. 


Other Online Activity

We have also ripped up the way we are using social media and are experimenting with different things to see what is the most helpful and gets the most engagement. So please follow us on both Facebook and Instagram.  For those not using social media, you can see the content we are producing on our YouTube page, and the LifeSwitch App is another great place to be kept up to date.


Next Gen Ministries

Our NextGen team have done an incredible job moving things to an online platform and ensuring we are not only putting out content but finding ways for our kids and youth to stay connected in community.

The best way to keep up with all we are doing and the incredible resources that are being curated for the different age groups is to connect via there social media channels:

Little Switchers

Switch Kids







We are moving our small groups to Zoom. This will take a bit of getting used to, however it is really important that we stay in community during this time. Can I encourage you to think about how you can make these time fun and different? Think of games you can play or other apps you can use that have games included. Please share ideas, the more the better.

We also have three news groups being tried this week to connect in those outside of groups (Jono, Naomi and I – Clint) we’d love you to be part of one if you are not already involved in a group.  Contact Naomi if you’d like to be involved – naomi@lifeswitch.org.nz


Give Help / Get Help Buttons

Please continue to use these buttons on our website to either put your name down to GET Help or to GIVE Help. Also please continue to let others know about them. The more we can direct people through here, the more efficient we can be at meeting needs.



With Easter this weekend we are doing a couple of things:

On Friday – we are doing a special Easter Friday Service at 5pm via Facebook, the App and Youtube. This will be a special event in which we can worship, be lead to communion and really remember and show gratitude for the incredible sacrifice God made because of His unending, never failing love for us!

On Sunday – we will have our LifeSwitch Online as per usual. We will step out from the series we started with a one-off Easter Special – All or Nothing. This will look at the incredible evidence for the death and resurrection of Jesus. A great week for people who know little about the Christian faith or don’t think it has any historical evidence. It is also great for us who have a faith to be reminded of the overwhelming evidence there is for the death and resurrection of Jesus. Our faith isn’t simply faith in faith. But a faith based on and establish through a well proven and documented historical event!