Hey LifeSwitchers

We just wanted to update you on some exciting new things that are happening within LifeSwitch and celebrate recent happenings with you!

Zoom Cafe

Did you know last Sunday we started a Zoom Cafe? This is a way for us to connect, see each other’s smiling faces, chat and catch up over a hot drink together. Our first one was so much fun! We would totally love to see you there this Sunday – it’s at 11:15am straight after the online service.

The link is: 

Or you can use the Meeting ID: 781 4024 8875 
The password is: zoomcafe

The link will also be shared in the live chat feed near the end of our service. 

How it works is something like this….the main host will welcome you to the cafe and give you a chance to make a hot drink and snack. Then everyone will be sorted into table groups with a table host. You will have about 10-15 mins to chat with your table, before we all join together at the end to say goodbye. The Zoom Cafe will be about 30-40 mins in total.

Invite your friends and family – we are buzzing about this online space where we can be together in a more spontaneous way!


Team All-in

This coming Sunday, we are going to start a Team All-in Zoom for anyone who normally serves at LifeSwitch or for anyone from LifeSwitch that would like to join us. It will be at 9:30am and no longer than 20 mins.

The link is:

Or you can use the Meeting ID: 605 952 8721
The password is: allin

The main focus of this group will be to pray for our online service – specifically for our church family, that we reach a wide online community and that the content we have decided to include will really speak to people and empower & encourage them to take their next best step. So please spread the word, and come along to Team All-in.


Pre-service Entertainment

You will have noticed that a few different people have been putting together some truly hilarious pre-service entertainment for us each week. 
We need your videos! This is no time to be shy – seeing your face or hearing your voice online truly blesses our LifeSwitch community. So Kia Kaha and put yourself out there, so you can give others as much joy as they’ve given you.

Videos we need:

  • Welcome videos. A 5 second video of you saying “welcome” in a creative way.
  • We’ve got talent! A 15 second video of ANY kind of talent e.g. flip on the tramp, bottle trick, amazing riff on an instrument, singing a line from your fave song, dance moves showoff, running time lapse, party trick etc…
  • Zoomtopia. A 30 second video of a Zoom funny or fail e.g. baby crying, not wearing the right thing, someone walking past on your Zoom call, not being able to turn the sound on etc. You can film this for real or recreate the scene (like Mark did last week) or just video yourself telling the story of what happened.

    Please email or message Naomi with your videos – naomi@lifeswitch.org.nz

Grocery Box Update

As you will have heard, we were fortunate to receive a grant from the Ministry of Social Development to enable us to help people in the community who may be struggling during this difficult time.  On top of that – New World Silverstream also made a generous contribution – as well as personal contributions from generous LifeSwitchers and even some members of the public.

As a result of this, we were able to distribute 80 COVID Care Packages to households in the Hutt Valley. Each pack was made up of two big boxes of food worth approximately $80 (that’s 160 boxes in total!). 

In addition to receiving names of recipients from all of you, we contacted seven local school principals (from the schools we had recently been in to promote Camp Survivor and we have a strong relationship with).  Each Principal was very grateful to be able to nominate multiple families they knew were in need.

It really was a fantastic LifeSwitch team effort, including all those who nominated someone, all those who donated money, to the ordering of the food, the cleaning and preparing the room in which the boxes would be packed, the families coming in their bubbles to pack the boxes, to those who came and loaded their cars to do the deliveries.  Absolutely awesome!

And the other good news is – we are in a position to order enough groceries for another 80 households!
If you would like to nominate a household – please do so by filling in this quick form.


Iggy / Fuse Update

Iggy and Iggy+ continue to run on Wednesday and Sunday each week, we are having a ball, playing online games such as pictionary, and currently learning about the life of the disciples through the book of Acts. It’s great to catch up with our young people online and we are enjoying imparting some wisdom around what Jesus followers did right after He left.

We also have our Iggy leaders producing a devotional around their favourite verse and why – we have had some great videos so far.

Fuse has been continuing on Wednesday evenings. We have been focusing on practical things, and what the Bible says about them during the lockdown, breaching discussions on mental health, routine, exercise, and more. We have also been doing a daily devotional moving through the book of Ephesians. Our Fuse leaders have been working through a verse or two each day, giving insight and a great perspective on Paul’s letter. 

It’s been great seeing our young people engage with us online, and we will continue to support them through this time.


Switch Kids / Little Switchers Update

Our team is calling around every Switch Kids and Little Switchers family this week and we’re checking in with all our leaders to see how we can continue to fine tune what we are doing. This is an incredible opportunity for parents to really engage with their kids around faith, so we want to do all we can to make this as easy and enjoyable as possible. 

Keep an eye on your inbox as we will send through an email late this week providing some clear details as we continue to move forward and after we have been able to gather all the necessary feedback.

Please know we are praying for you and your families as you continue to navigate this season. We really do believe you can thrive, not simply survive as a family during it. 


LifeSwitch App Overhaul

We have completely ramped up how we use the LifeSwitch App and made some significant changes to make it both more functional and more attractive. If you haven’t already got it, download it today from either the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.

Some things you can do directly from the app are:

  • Access our latest Sunday content (as well as a huge collection of previous content)
  • Stay up to date with all of our blogs
  • Access Mind Health Monday videos
  • Access the Worship items our team is producing and curated playlists.
  • Receive push notifications about important things we have coming up
  • And so much more