Thank you to everyone who completed a survey during our experiences a week and a half ago.

Given the large amount of data collected, we are still processing it and getting an understanding of it all. However there were a few things that were clear, most of them really good. But a couple I want to highlight now.

Firstly, Young Adults – it is clear we can do a much better job in this area. I take responsibility for this gap, and am doing all I can to get in behind and fix it. I’m starting by putting on a dinner, this Sunday, 7:30pm at Silverstream Retreat for anyone interested in helping us in this area. I’d love you to come along and help us get our heads around it so we can up our game and get on top of it. If you’re keen to be involved, please email me – Please note, you do not need to be a young adult to help, rather you need to be passionate about people in this age group and seeing them connect with God!

Secondly, it came through a number of different times that we should make it much more clear about different ways people can get involved and serve. The best thing to say at the moment is that there is a role for any and every person. Whether you are introverted or extroverted. Experienced or not. Old or young. Task focused or people focused. Whether you can give eight hours a week or two hours every other week. We have something just for you. The church is a body, and the body functions at its best when each individual part is is working right. So if you are out there, not involved and want to be, please email me –, and I or someone else will sit down with you and explore everything so we find the right role for you.

We will pass on a whole lot more info from the findings as once the final analysis is complete. We just really wanted to acknowledge these two quickly, as they were easy to spot, and we want to get in and sort quickly.