There are a number of reason why I am excited about CORE 4, however the top three are:

1. It’s directional but not dictatorial

A lot of discipleship ideas are very dictatorial – you need to do/know/be A then B then C then D and on and on it goes. People are pushed into the same cookie cutter model despite the fact that they’re all in a different place, have different stories and are each uniquely and inherently different. What tends to happen with a cookie cutter approach is that it works (often incredibly) for some people, yet there are others for whom it simply doesn’t.

While CORE 4 provides a clear framework, it offers up a huge amount of scope within that framework. The focus is on intentionality. Helping people move forward in the direction God is calling them, rather than trying to take every person in a predetermined direction.  This ensures that each individual’s journey is personalised not something prescribed.  Therefore meaning…..

2. It’s conversational not informational

CORE 4 is the opposite of dumping information on someone and then leaving them to work their way through the plethora of info and figure out a way forward. CORE 4 is about helping people process how they are doing in four key areas, and helping them discern where God is leading them to develop over the next season. It’s all about asking questions not giving answers. It empowers people to take true ownership of their spiritual growth and development. It engages God in the process by leveraging what He is doing in people. It enables individuals to create action steps rather than gather information.

3. It empowers the many, not just the elite

Having a clear framework, that is conversational based, opens the door up to allow most people to play a role in discipling others. One thing that stops many Christians actively engage is discipling others is a belief that “I’m not there yet, so I can’t help you.” Yet no one is there yet! When it comes to discipleship, being on the journey is the goal, not reaching the destination, as we won’t reach the destination this side of eternity.

Another thing that prevents many from discipling others is people don’t know who to disciple. By bringing intentionality and structure to this, we are able to match up those who want to intentionally move forward in their faith, with those who have the ability to help them.

I am convinced that CORE 4 removes two of the biggest obstacles that prevent people from stepping into the role of being a disciple-maker. Thus empowering all Christians, not those ‘elite’ Christians to make disciples.

So there you have it, my top three reasons for being excited about CORE 4! 


PS: To sign up for Core 4 (either as a Supporter or simply as a participant) just email or drop into the Hub on Sundays.