James, the brother of Jesus tells us that “prayer is powerful and effective.” That something unique, special, unseen happens when we pray. One of the most unique things we can do for one another is to pray for each other. Often the greatest thing someone can do for you, or you can do for others, is to pray for them. It is a very special and personal thing.

So here are two quick thoughts on how we’d love to see this outworked as a church:

First, individually. Always look for opportunities to pray for people. And no, I’m not just talking about on Sunday or others from LifeSwitch, but all people, in every sphere of your life. Maybe someone you know is going through a difficult time, ask them if you can pray for them. In my experience 99% of the time people say ‘yes please.’ Often creating an intimate and relational enhancing moment. Maybe they are in the midst of making a big decision, or on the verge of a big opportunity. Again, these create perfect moments for you to ask to pray for them. 

Second, collectively, when we gather for our experiences we want to ensure that if anyone ever wants prayer for any reason whatsoever we have people on hand to pray for them. So if you ever find yourself wanting prayer, for something big or small, we have great volunteers ready and wanting to pray for you. You could easily talk yourself out of it, “it’s not that important,” “no one else really cares about this.” Yet it is important for you to know, that if it matters to you, it matters to God, and therefore it matters to us. Simply head to The Hub, and let them know and someone will be ready to get alongside you.