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ZOOM groups

A new addition to our Groups options are ZOOM groups. 

These are groups who meet online each week rather than getting together in person.  This can be the perfect option for those who, for whatever reason, need to be home in the evenings – or just prefer it that way.

If you’re not already in a group and you think a ZOOM group would suit you, click the “I want to join a Zoom Group” button to give us a few details and Naomi will get back to you.

Otherwise feel free to email Naomi if you have any questions –

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A group is a place where:

  • Intentional relationships are developed
  • We are encouraged, equipped and challenged
  • We  celebrate  each  other’s  successes
  • We support each other through tough times
  • We can be honest, real and vulnerable
  • We can pray together
  • We explore the bible together
  • We have fun together


  • Groups typically meet weekly in a home for around 2 hours.
  • Every group runs slightly differently depending on the personality and gifts of the leader.
  • Some groups may share a meal together, others a snack and some a drink.
  • We may talk about the previous Sunday’s message and how to apply the lessons learnt from it to our lives. We often share what is going on in our lives.
  • The discussion is usually lead by the group leader yet everyone can contribute and be equally involved.
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Yes, we have a few different types of groups at LifeSwitch, they are:

LIFEgroups – groups of adults, young adults or a mixture of both. These are open groups that anyone can join at any time. They usually meet weekly or fortnightly.

FUSEgroups – groups specifically designed for teenagers. These groups base their material around what is happening at FUSE on a Wednesday night and is lead by a FUSE leader.

IGGYgroups – groups for intermediate aged students. These groups base their material around what is happening at Ignition on a Wednesday night and is lead by an Ignition leader.

CRgroups – groups that form at Celebrate Recovery, a fantastic ministry we run to help people recover from their hurts, habits and hang ups.  Click here for more information on Celebrate Recovery.



If you’re interested in joining a group or would just like some more information, please contact Naomi Geldard – email – text 021 88 22 04 or call into the HUB at LifeSwitch on Sunday mornings and ask for Naomi.

Click here to read more about why LIFEgroups are so important.

Click here to download this week’s LIFEgroup questions.

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