Your relationship with God is the most important relationship in your life and the one that directs and leads you in every other relationship.  It is our desire and driver to see every person have a flourishing relationship with God. A relationship that is:

  • fueling you to live a life fully devoted to God,
  • producing eternal fruit,
  • consistently aligning you with what is most important,
  • developing in you a faith that is continuously increasing,
  • giving you a greater appreciation for all that God has done and is doing for you,
  • calling you to higher and higher levels of holiness,
  • empowering you to love the people around you.
Just like someone else can’t make my marriage better, only I can do that. Or someone else can’t do my cardio for me. I need to take responsibility for my relationship with God. No one can do that for me. And no one can do that for you, or for anyone else. 
Unfortunately, our personal relationship with God is one that is often neglected, overlooked and sometimes even ignored. Often this can happen for many different reasons. Maybe you are new to faith and have little idea how to cultivate a relationship with an invisible God. Maybe it was once flourishing but things got stale and you haven’t picked up a bible in a long time. Maybe you have tried to copy what others do, but it feels forced and tough. If this is your story, Strengthen is the perfect workshop to help you address this important relationship. 

Maybe you have a good relationship with God, things are trucking along well at present. Don’t simply overlook Strengthen. It’s always better to identify new ways to keep a relationship healthy while it is strong, than wait till its broken to address it.

Maybe you have been a Christian for a long period of time, and this is something you have always struggled with. Something you believe you should have nailed by now. please please please don’t let pride stop you from coming along. Unfortunately this is more common than people like to admit. Please come along, words can’t express the richness of relationship you’re currently missing out on.

John 15:1-17 paints the most powerful picture of why this relationship is so vital. Have a read. 

Strengthen will inspire you and equip you to build significant spiritual strength in your life. It’s super practical and inspirational. Based on the feedback from those who attended last time – 95% of people rated it as being excellent or very good. With an average rating of 8.6/10 when asked if it equipped people to build spiritual strength. And a 9.6/10 when asked if it inspired them to build spiritual strength.
In order to inspire and equip you to build spiritual strength, Strengthen covers:

1. Spiritual Pathways – everyone is wired differently, this will help you understand how you are primarily wired to connect with God.
2. How We Know the Bible is God’s word.
3. How 15 minutes a day can direct the rest of your days.
4. The power and the practice of prayer.
5. A brief overview of other long practiced biblical spiritual disciplines.

All of this stuff is absolutely fundamental to Christ followers. So whether you need some inspiration, or need some information, or maybe a bit of both, Strengthen is ideal for you.

Remember, all of us are called to mature in our faith and to grow spiritually.  And while LifeSwitch will do all we can to support, encourage and inspire you to do so, we each personally own the process for our own spiritual growth. So, if you want to take ownership, or take action – register for Strengthen now.

It’s happening on Sunday the 10th at 6pm, in the Pillars Room at Silverstream Retreat.

Simply email to register – or sign up at the Hub this Sunday.