God is doing so much in the everyday lives of the people of LifeSwitch and sharing the stories of what He is doing can provide so much inspiration and encouragement to others, while also honouring Him. We just need to slow down sometimes and take note of what God is doing.


Please use the form below to share a story.  Before submitting a story about someone else, please check with them that it’s ok to share this story and whether it’s ok to use their name or not.

Remember stories can simply be a sentence or two – or more long and involved.  Scroll down to see some examples of different types of stories.

Stories may be shared more widely via video, inclusion in a Sunday morning message, via Social Media etc..  LifeSwitch staff will determine the most appropriate course of action.

Wondering if your story is worth sharing with our LifeSwitch Community?


Check out a few ideas of the different types of stories we’d love to hear about.

Steps of Obedience – hearing from someone who is taking action now.

  • I was lead to pray everyday for ……… so I have been!
  • I felt challenged to SERVE kids, so I signed up to be part of Little Switchers and I’ve loved seeing them learn about God.

Success Stories – what we see and hear around our programmes, groups, events that let us know we are winning

  • This might not sound like much to you, yet it had such a profound impact on me. In my Switch Kids group I’ve always struggled to get one of the girls to pray. Yet on Sunday, after …. She prayed for the very first time. In a simple, yet heartfelt prayer she simply said “thank you God for ….”


Hearing from God

  • As I’ve been following along with the LifeSwitch Bible reading plan this week I really connected with David’s words in Psalm 51 as he seeks forgiveness from God. I felt God reminding me a fresh that because of Jesus I am right with God, and that He delights in my relationship with Him.
  • I felt prompted to pray for……. And I saw God do……… on the back of those prayers.