Groups are a significant part of church life. The New Testament is so clear about how we are to treat one another. There are so many ‘one another’ statements including love, honour, build up, care for, encourage, support, pray for, that we simply say our role is to ‘one another, one another’.

This happens best in groups. Because it is an interdependent relationship, creating spaces where people can truly be interdependent is essential. We are convinced this happens best in smaller groups that ensure everyone is both known and needed.

When looking at how we can most effectively make this happen, in a way where it is super easy for as many people as possible to ‘one another one another’, we determined a semester approach to groups works best. This is a model that has proven incredibly effective in the current cultural climate and we believe is both the most sustainable and effective way to make this happen.

We really do believe that in the coming months and years many isolated individuals will be enfolded into community. That life long friendships will be formed. That providential relationships will be established. That genuine care will be given and received. That people feeling down will be encouraged. That prayers will be prayed and answered, over individuals, couples and families. That character will be refined and developed. That leaders will be raised up and released. That significant spiritual growth will occur. And so much more.

So let me give you a brief run down of the Semester Approach we are taking to Groups. Groups will run by semesters and there will be 3 semesters per year. This year, we will only have 2 semesters and our first semester will start in June. We are doing 3 semesters rather than 4 for two reasons. Primarily, having 3 semesters allows for slightly longer breaks between semesters. Therefore offering a little breathing room for everyone, time to sharpen the saw, refine and improve, and the chance to really promote groups well.

 The timeline for these kinds of Groups over a year will look like this:

We then ask people to commit to a group for a semester. That’s it. You don’t sign up for a year, a few years or a lifetime. Just 13 weeks. We believe that those 13 weeks will be so beneficial you will instantly want to sign up for the next semester, but that’s entirely up to you. We don’t want to be pouring time, effort and energy into things that don’t add value to people. This will ensure that groups are in fact adding value and therefore people want to remain part of them.

Some groups will be following the content from Sunday, others will run a specialised curriculum. All of which people are able to see before registering to be part of a group.

You probably have some questions about this, so check this out… Semester Group FAQ’s

 To register for a group click here to see the current options.