When you hand your child to us, we take seriously the responsibility we are handed. We strongly believe that LifeSwitch has a responsibility to provide a safe and protected environment for kids and I will do all I can to put preventative measures in place to do just that. It may be impossible for SwitchKids to be the safest place on the planet, but it is possible for us to put in place things that can prevent or limit an incident from occurring, while still having a heap load of fun!

I am regularly reviewing our safety procedures and adjusting where needed. And with increasing numbers of kids, we have identified that our system for checking in kids needs to be improved. So when SwitchKids starts back on the 4th February we will be implementing a new system.

This new system will be of huge benefit to making SwitchKids a safer place. Having much clearer access to an up-to-date list, as well as current and accurate contact information for all parents/caregivers means if emergency occurs we will have that all on hand. Caring for your child is super important to us and making SwitchKids safer and safer means you can rest easy knowing they are safe and sound.

If you have any queries or questions please do get in touch. Thanks for your understanding and patience as we make steps towards a safer SwitchKids!


Check In

When you enter through the main SwitchKids doors you will find two Check-In stations – we will have SwitchKids team members to assist you in checking in your child/children on one of our iPads. It’s as simple as searching your child’s last name, selecting their name and tapping “Check in”, and a whole family can be checked in together. All children will need to be checked in by a parent/guardian at a Check-In station before they can enter a SwitchKids room, they will not be able to check themselves in. This system will help put your mind at ease as it makes clear that you have handed responsibility of your child to us. We can only be responsible for children that have been checked in through the Check-In system.


Check Out

This part of the new system is still a work in progress and will be adjusted in stages. The first stage being simply that we will only release a child to a parent/guardian or approved adult. This has always been part of what we aimed to do but reality hasn’t always matched up, so we will be enforcing this with much more intentionality, including adjustments to the programme format for Switchers. We ask that you please promptly collect your child/children. We love them and would love to spend way more time with them, but as the space we use is not our own our SwitchKids team have to get stuck into pack down right after the programme and cannot do so until all children are collected. 


Update your info now

One thing about the new system is that it requires us to update our database so we can have your child/children registered and pre-loaded into the system. Taking the time to complete the simple form through the link below is one way we can make this transition as easy as possible for you. Forms will also be available to fill out at the Check-In stations on Sundays (from the 4th Feb) as well.

Link to online form: SwitchKids Registration Form