Three simple words. Words, when put together can be a rope of hope. Three words we can all say, though we often don’t. Three words that may make you slightly uncomfortable for a moment, but offer a safe haven of comfort for someone else. Here they are – “Please join me” or “Please join us.”

These three words have the ability to impact someone in the most meaningful of ways. When we simply extend this inclusive invitation to people around us, it is amazing what can transpire. To someone who is self conscious about being alone it is an extension of hope. To someone unsure of where they fit, it is a rope of hope for them to grab hold of. In the worst case, even when they say “no,” it’s a nice gesture.

Yet who knows what your “please join me” could lead to. It could lead to you knowing another friendly face, someone you continue to say hi to when you bump into them. It could be the start of a friendship, or a mentorship. It could be a connection to the connection that you need right now. Who knows.

Remember, the goal isn’t to make a new best friend. The goal is to get to know someone. To hear a bit of their story. To make them comfortable. To show genuine hospitality. We can all do this. Yes, even you!

Your request, my request of “please join me” could well be the most meaningful, most profound, most loving gesture someone receives the whole day. It could well be the gesture that gives them the courage to continue looking into faith, or to getting serious about their faith or finding a home here.

Our cafe has always simply been called ‘the cafe’. Maybe it’s not original, but it is clear. If I were to name it, I’d simply call it the ‘please join me cafe’ if for no other reason than to remind us to use this simple, yet powerful, three word phrase – “please join me.”

Add this short sentence to your vocabulary. Use it again and again. Your use of these three words can seriously enhance your ability to both connect with others and impact your world. I promise you, your ability to use this short sentence will directly correlate with your level of influence. The more you use it, the more influence you will find yourself having. There is no safer place to use it than within our LifeSwitch community. Use it here again and again. See how simple it actually is and soon enough you’ll be using it in your workplace. When you connect with other parents. When you talk to your neighbours. Wherever you are.

“Please join me.” Simple. Powerful. Purposeful.