Thank you so much to everyone who came out last week to the Our Future Vision Formation Workshops. It was so good to have so many people involved and contributing. I was totally blown away by the stories of people who committed to the fasting and praying over the 7 days we set aside. 

As those of you who were at the workshops will know, many many ideas were put forward and it will take quite some time to analyse and process everything. However there were a few clear themes that very quickly emerged and will be explored with a view to building them into our five year vision.

Some of the strongest themes were around:

  1. Discipleship/mentoring (making sure we are intentionally & proactively discipling people from new to faith through to Christ centred people) 
  2. Community (developing a super close community that is incredibly inclusive so that anyone, at any stage and of any age, will find belonging and eventually a sense of ownership within LifeSwitch). 
  3. Stories/Testimonies (we desire to be a Church body led by the Holy Spirit, working powerfully within our community. This will be evidenced through a continuous stream of stories of that happening).
  4. Prayer (making prayer more obviously an integral part of everything we do)

More discussion and prayer will be happening as we try to find clarity to ensure that we take the direction God is leading us in, rather than being led by our personal preferences. So please expect more conversations in the coming days and weeks.

If you have any questions, please let me know.