Next Gen

The next generation are not the church of TOMORROW, they are the church of TODAY.


LifeSwitch is fully committed to raising up a generation of young people who are confident, passionate, resilient and sold out to God. Therefore we place a huge amount of emphasis on Kids, Intermediates and Youth.

Whether you fit into one of these, have children that do or simply know others that do, please take a look, it would be great to have you or them along.

Next Gen Lifeswitch Church
Switch Kids Lifeswitch Church


Too Much Fun

In Switch Kids we bring the fun! With environments for both preschool age and primary age children, our goal is to make Switch Kids the best hour of your child’s week. From the moment you drop off your child to the moment you pick them up, they experience safe, age-specific environments designed with them in mind.


Intermediate Aged Youth

Growing up is hard to do. We believe one of the most challenging times in life is the transition from being a child to a teenager. With that in mind IGGY is designed specifically for Intermediate aged youth as they navigate through these crucial years.

Each Wednesday night, from 4PM, IGGY meets as a large group for a whole lot of fun, music and relevant teaching. Then on Sundays at 10:30am, we get together again to catch up, dig deeper into our faith, have questions answered, chill out and be encouraged. 

Ignition Lifeswitch Church
Fuse Lifeswitch Church


College Aged Youth

In High School pressure comes from all sides. Youth are faced with all sorts of opportunities and challenges, expectations and circumstances. FUSE exists to not only help teenagers through these years but to help them build a foundation for the future. FUSE happens on Wednesday nights from 7PM in the Youth Space at LifeSwitch/Silverstream Retreat.


At LifeSwitch Young Adults, anyone is welcome. That is, if you’ve finished high school or are in your 20s or 30s. No matter where you’re at in your faith journey or what your story is, we believe that God has something for you.
In this season of life we face so many choices, transitions and questions, which is why we created LifeSwitch Young Adults. A place to help you find genuine community and grow your faith in Jesus. We meet in a weekly small group to help you stay connected and have a whole lot of fun at bigger monthly hang out events. We hope you will discover a safe place to ask questions, find your people and grow your circle.
Hangout Events – First Sunday of every month, 5pm, Join our Facebook group for more info and updates.
Young Adults Group – Sundays, 5-7pm, Silverstream
For more info about our young adults community or to join our weekly small group please contact Mindy and Dylan.
Camp Survivor Lifeswitch Church
Camp Survivor Lifeswitch Church


Camp Survivor is a camp we run in the April school holidays, each time giving 300 kids an absolute blast. Through various activities, challenges, messages and games we do all we can to ensure every camper has an exciting and memorable week.

Making use of the talents and passions of over 100 volunteers, most of whom are teenagers from local High Schools, Camp Survivor is more than just a great time for the children who attend, it is also a key part of our Youth Leadership Pipeline, providing a great training ground for young aspiring leaders.