This Sunday (August 26th) we launch LifeSwitch Online, an online service designed for an online audience. 

We are doing this for a number of reasons, the big ones are:

  • to value our SERVE Team members who are serving on a Sunday morning and unable to engage with our service. In particular, those who are serving week to week in our Next Gen ministries. This will allow them to connect with what we are doing as a wider church, stay engaged and get some input as they continuously pour themselves out. 

  • Reach more people. This is a huge front door and enables us to connect with the wider community allowing them to engage with us in a safe way. Rather than simply having one option when we invite people to ‘come & see,’ we now have another. 

  • Empower you to be able to share what we’re doing with people in your sphere of influence, especially those out of town or who you have been unable to convince to come to LifeSwitch.

  • Enable us to build a content database that will continue to help people well into the future. 

LifeSwitch Online will look a lot like what we were doing over the Lockdown period. We have built a for-purpose studio and have some incredible technology and people so it’ll be at a much better quality than we were able to do on short notice. 

The service will happen at 8pm on a Sunday night. Who knows what else will happen moving forward, as it is so easy to reproduce at other time slots if we sense demand or want to experiment. 

We will follow the same series at night as we do on a Sunday morning. We are simply doing it from a studio because of a conviction we have about ‘packaging things well.’ We want those who engage with us to have the best possible experience. There is almost nothing (live sports being the exception) that is done for both a live audience and a broadcast audience simultaneously. There is a reason for this. It is hard to give both audiences a great experience. We think it is the same when it comes to church. While it would be easier to film what happens in the room on Sunday morning, it wouldn’t provide the best experience for those not in the room (or we would adjust the experience in the room to make it better for those watching on a screen and we don’t want to do that).

There are also many other ways we can make use of our studio moving forward and it really will be an incredible asset to us as a church. 

Look forward to seeing you at LifeSwitch Online either this Sunday night, or at some stage in the future.