Thank you for praying for LEAD Camp which was a great chance to spend some time building foundations into our youth leaders. 

We had 30 in total and all of them were willing to learn and showed some cool growth over the course of the weekend.  In fact, we had comments from multiple different people involved as to what a great bunch of talented leaders we had.  It was inspiring and a joy to see them step out of their comfort zones as they shared and got involved in our activities. 

Activities included learning about love languages, life verses, values, community service projects such as mulching a reserve in Stokes Valley, planting trees etc.  There was the normal fun camp activities thrown into the mix and crazy youth hang-out times.  We also spent time each night worshipping and praying together where God was given centre stage and lots of the youth engaged on a level that sparked growth and goals to aim for. 

We were thankful for a generous donation that allowed camp to be three-quarters subsidised, and also to the group of adults and leaders that were a part of the team that made it happen. 

The feedback we got from the youth was overwhelmingly positive. This is what one youth said when asked what was most beneficial “Learning essential leadership skills, making bonds with everyone and building a stronger relationship with God.”

It was a great start to what we hope will be an annual event as we continue to create a culture of leaders worth following.

Ruth Pirini
Camp Director