On Sunday we launched IGGY+. We want you to know what it is all about.

Every Wednesday we have IGGY, our intermediate aged programme. Wednesday nights are very outward focused. 95% of the youth who come along have no affiliation to LifeSwitch (other than coming to Camp Survivor) or any church background. Wednesday nights are all about creating an attractive programme that is designed around games, a short teaching and some group time.

So what we wanted to do was rethink Sundays. There is little point in creating another programme with the same goal and focus as what takes place on a Wednesday night. Looking at the different demographic we are getting on a Sunday, IGGY + has been launched to take a strong discipleship focus. Being a smaller group, we have the opportunity to really work with them to lay a solid foundation in their faith. We want to intentionally help them learn and understand some key scriptures. We believe this will not only rapidly expand the foundation for their faith that Switch Kids has laid (if they have come through Switch Kids), but will set them up with a confident biblical understanding to lead in Switch Kids and at Camp Survivor once they enter High School.

We see those who attend IGGY + on a Sunday as being the real Core of IGGY on a Wednesday night. Our dream is to empower them and work with them to use Wednesday nights as a place to invite and bring as many of the friends and classmates as possible. Where they can experience God using them in a special way to impact their world and challenged to be all that God has created them to be,

How does Sunday Look at IGGY +:
The team will head down to McDonalds in Silverstream where the leader will buy the group a Hot Chocolate. (We do this because we know the they will love it and it is way more exciting for them than sitting in our cafe).
They will be given a card with the weeks title and verse on it. (We want them to memorise it, get it into their hearts).
The leader will guide them through a conversation about the verse(s) and help them understand what it means and why it’s important. (We want them to know the importance of the verse and how it relates to them).
They will be encouraged to memorise the verse over the week.

We have identified 49 key verses that will be used over the year. These cover:
14 on Who God Is
15 on Who You Are
14 on Living it Out
6 on Understanding Salvation.

Click here for a full list of verses and the cards they will be given.

If you’re a parent of someone attending IGGY+ here is how you can leverage this:

  • Continue the Conversation – Ask your child each week about the verse. Ask why it’s important.
  • Encourage the Memorisation – Check in a few times each week to see if they are memorising it. Even memorise it with them.
  • Be on Time – with the group going off site each week, if you’re late, they may miss the bus. So get there early and everyone will be happy.

We really do believe that Intermediate years are so special and vital. That this more in-depth, intentional fostering of their faith development and strong relationship time sets them up to thrive in their faith through their teenage years.

Please pray for our IGGY team, and if you have any questions or want to get involved in this age group, please contact our Youth Pastor Jono Chaplow on 021 279 9663 or Jono@LifeSwitch.org.nz.