Did you know that three-quarters of lifelong mental illness is developed by 24 years of age?

By intervening early to support mental & emotional well-being we can prevent small problems from becoming major life altering issues.
We already know the numbers of people struggling with mental health are trending upward, with 1 in 4 Kiwis currently experiencing poor mental health, and the percentage increasing year on year. 
We have pulled together some fun and engaging ‘Feed Your Mind’ Packs. These contain some games and tools to equip people to develop mind and emotional health. Equipping the next generation with the tools and skills to thrive mentally and emotionally is the key to proactively enhancing the well-being of our nation!
We are seeing a lot of money from government and other organisations go into this space, yet most of it is going into crisis situations (where it is needed, and still under-funded). But we wanted to do something to equip people with skills before the crisis comes. By using engaging games, the The Feed Your Mind pack fosters growth for the whole whanau. It is all about us partnering with families to encourage important conversations around mental and emotional health. 

Our goal is to see these packs make their way into the hands of families right across NZ. We will be launching a campaign soon to raise money to print/produce the packs. This will allow you to either pre-order a pack or even make a donation so packs can be distributed to classrooms in local schools. This should be up in the next couple of weeks and we’d really appreciate your support in spreading the word about it because the more packs we can fund, the cheaper we can produce the packs. 

The cool video we showed on Sunday will be part of this campaign, so we aren’t going to release it publicly until we are ready to run our campaign to attract not only attention but also pre-orders and donations. 

Why are we doing this? There are a number of reasons, the most significant are
  • Anything that breaks people, breaks the heart of God. There is no doubt that mind/mental health is robbing people of the joy, the hope, the life that God desires us to have. The church can’t simply ignore it, we should be advocates for those who are suffering, we should be doing all we can to help people because that is what a loving neighbour would do. 
  • It is a way in which we can serve our community. We are called to serve those around us, and these are a practical and helpful way we can serve them.
  • The church has the answers. When it comes to having strong mind health, key components that individuals need are community, purpose and value. The local church, when it is working right, should be offering everyone community, should help people understand they have purpose and allow them to outwork that purpose and serve people.
  • Finally the local church should be reminding everyone that they are valued. Not because of what they do, but because of who they are and who was willing to die for them.
These packs will proactively build mental and emotional strength to help people thrive, and when Whanau are thriving, everyone wins!