As you will have heard, we were fortunate to receive a grant from the Ministry of Social Development to enable us to help people in the community who may be struggling during this difficult time.  On top of that – New World Silverstream also made a generous contribution – as well as personal contributions from generous LifeSwitchers and even some members of the public.

As a result of this, we were able to distribute 80 COVID Care Packages to households in the Hutt Valley last week. Each pack was made up of two big boxes of food worth approximately $80 (that’s 160 boxes in total!). 

In addition to receiving names of recipients from all of you, I contacted seven local school principals (from the schools we had recently been in to promote Camp Survivor and we have a strong relationship with). Within hours of asking them for names and addresses I had two come back, one with 12 families, the other with 15. The need is real! I couldn’t believe it. One of them even said how the school had been using money in their budget to help a few of them earlier, and having us step in this way was remarkable.  Over the next day or two, most of the other schools also nominated multiple households as well.

What was super cool, was that every box was prayed over as they were being packed. We added a nice little note to each box that said they had been nominated, that they were loved, and that our people had been praying for them.  

It really was a fantastic LifeSwitch team effort, including all those who nominated someone, all those who donated money, to the ordering of the food, the cleaning and preparing the room in which the boxes would be packed, the families coming in their bubbles to pack the boxes, to those who came and loaded their cars to do the deliveries.  Absolutely awesome!

And the other good news is – that because of your ongoing generosity, we are in a position to order enough for boxes for another 80 households! We will be putting this order through at the end of the week so everything arrives once the transition to level 3 occurs, making it easier for people to come and help pack etc…

Right at the start of this Lockdown I highlighted a verse in Matthew where Jesus told us to ‘let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.”  It is awesome to see us rising to the occasion and shining so well. When we all play our part, we really can impact our world.