Core 4 is a LifeSwitch initiative aimed at helping everyone make progress in their Christian journey. It is for everyone whether they are new to faith, have been a Christian for years, or even if they are still deciding what they believe and who God is.

It’s called Core 4 because we’ve identified 4 main focus areas that are important for someone to make progress in if they want to grow in their Christian life and in their relationship with God.

  • Pursuing God Personally (our personal relationship with God)
  • Connecting with Others (our relationship with other Christians)
  • Playing Our Part (building of the church)
  • Impacting Our World (making a difference in the world)


At the heart of Core 4 is our belief that we are all called to be disciples and that we are all called to help one another become disciples.  So an exciting aspect of Core 4 is that each participant will be paired with a Core 4 Supporter who will meet with them once a quarter to help them identify some possible Next Steps they could be taking in any of the 4 focus areas and then occasionally check-in with them to see how they are progressing.

As a Supporter you are an encourager and someone who provides some accountability to a participant. You are not a Mentor, Teacher, Coach or Counsellor. You are simply someone who cares enough to help someone else move along in their journey of becoming more Christ-like.  

A Core 4 Supporter will have a small group of Core 4 participants to support. We’ll give you some training on helpful ways to support your participants and we’ll also have someone assigned to support you.  

As a participant we’ll help you to self-assess where you feel you currently sit within the 4 focus areas.  You can then sit down with your Core 4 Supporter and discuss which focus area you’d like to work on during the coming quarter and decide on a goal you’d like to set to move forward in that area. 

We’ll provide you with access to some great resources and ideas of Next Steps you may wish to take to make progress in one of those areas and your Supporter will check-in with you every so often to see how things are going.

The heart of CORE 4 is intentionality. It is our desire and dream that everyone no matter where they currently sit spiritually is moving forward in their faith. So rather than leave this to chance, we want to put something simple in place to help everyone continuously take their next steps. Despite our best intentions, the busyness of life often gets in the way of us making progress and actually doing the very things God calls us to do. Just imagine the impact of a collective group of people, who are all intentionally listening to what God is calling us to do next, and then taking those steps? I want to be part of a church like that, I’m sure you do too.