We’re making some exciting changes! At Little Switchers and SwitchKids we love to create fun, vibrant and kid-focused environments so we are amped for December 2nd where we are launching a whole new feel and look to the Check-In foyer of our Kids area, AND the SwitchKids (primary-aged) space. Our new environment will be a lot more welcoming, fun and colourful, as well as calmer and safer.

One important change will be to the structure of our SwitchKids program. For a while now I have been pondering and researching how to make the best use of both our program time and the skills of my amazing leaders. So, we’re making a small but significant adjustment to this program, where we’ll now be starting and ending in Small Groups. I truly believe in the power of Small Groups and they have become a vital part of SwitchKids. Small Groups create a space where:

  • The kids can get to know and build relationships with other kids their age.
  • They have a constant and consistent Group Leader who knows them and cares for each child as the unique individual they are.
  • Most of their learning happens because each kid can process, discuss and interact with what they are learning at their level.
  • The Small Group sheets and activities are tailored to the ages of the kids in that group, this helps break down the learnings and application to fit where they are at.
  • Parents/caregivers can share info about their child with a Leader who will directly care for that child during SwitchKids.

This new way of doing things will be a big change for the kids as it’s very different from our previous way of doing things so we know it won’t be smooth sailing right off the bat, so we really appreciate your understanding and support as we begin implementing these adjustments. These changes mean checking in and checking out has changed slightly. Here’s what you need to know…


When dropping your kids off, check them in as usual at the Check-In stations. If your child is in Little Switchers – take them through the safety gate and pass on to one of the Little Switchers team. If your child is in SwitchKids – at the entrance to the SwitchKids space you’ll find a Leader with a clipboard waiting, they’ll be able to let you know who your child’s Group Leader is and what spot they are in. This is a great time to meet your child’s Group Leader and encourage your child to join their Group Leader in the starter activity.


When you come to collect your child (yes, you do need to take them home again) stop by the Check-In stations, scroll for their name and tap to check out your child. If your child is in Little Switchers – head through into the Little Switchers space to collect from our team in there. If your child is in SwitchKids – then please come right into the SwitchKids area to collect your child from their Group mat, this help us keep track of which kids have been safely collected and returned to the right people.

We believe so much in the Next Gen and very intentionally invest in them. So reviewing, changing and shaping our Kids Ministry is all part of wanting to do the best job we can at this. Kids deserve an amazing environment to come to, a place to belong and grow, and people that believe in them. We love each of the kids entrusted to us each week and we want to do all we can to help them learn, grow and discover who they are and who God is, in the best, most exciting, relevant and safe environment we can possibly create.

Make sure to keep an eye out on our social media as we’ll post some sneak peeks over the next week or so, we so can’t wait reveal all the new surprises in store!

Have questions? Feel free to email melinda@lifeswitch.org.nz