At the heart of Camp Survivor is the desire to create memories. We know the impact of a camp environment is significant and people will often hold on to memories from their camp experience for the rest of their life. The power of these memories is unbelievable. I love the quote that says “people may not remember exactly what you said or did, but they will always remember how you made them feel.”

We want everyone who comes to feel loved, to feel valued, to feel wanted, to feel cared for. We want them to walk away knowing certain truths about who they are and who God is. Yet we don’t want them to have simply been told it. We want them to feel it, to experience it by the way we act and treat them. You see it is very hard for someone to comprehend they are loved, valued and cared for by an invisible God unless they receive these things from God’s people.

Yes we will teach the campers, we will present as clearly, as memorably and articulately as we possibly can. They will have the opportunity to talk through things in groups as we know wrestling with the content makes it way more sticky. Yet we still know it is how we make every camper feel that really matters. That when we as the team each play our part, always looking for ways to encourage, build up and add put a smile on the face of the campers, always looking to go the extra mile, to go above and beyond – that we really make an impact and really make a difference. We really allow them to not only know, but to experience and feel the love of an invisible God.

For those of us who serve at camp, who play our part through leading, gophering, helping and assisting – this is on us. It is not only our responsibility, it is also our privilege. This is how memories are created. This is how we make a tangible difference on the next generation. This is how we impact our world.