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Thank You!

We are so thankful for all the time, effort, money, prayer and love that was put into Camp Survivor.   Thank you to everyone who contributed in any way.   We truly believe that lives were changed over that week and an eternal difference has been made for...

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Night of Worship

For all God has done, and for all he’s going to do — we praise, give thanks, and worship together. Don’t miss this special evening of music, encouragement, and Communion. Thursday 29 August 2019 @ 7.30pm.   (Future dates for 2019 Nights of Worship are: 28...

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Changes in Kids Area

We’re making some exciting changes! At Little Switchers and SwitchKids we love to create fun, vibrant and kid-focused environments so we are amped for December 2nd where we are launching a whole new feel and look to the Check-In foyer of our Kids area, AND the...

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Parenting: Phase Guides

It’s the nature of kids to grow. It never stops, they are always growing and changing. It’s keeping up that is the hard part. If you are a parent I’m sure you’ve felt that just as you think you’ve finally got your child, they go and grow up another year and it’s feels...

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LEAD camp report

Thank you for praying for LEAD Camp which was a great chance to spend some time building foundations into our youth leaders.  We had 30 in total and all of them were willing to learn and showed some cool growth over the course of the weekend.  In fact, we had comments...

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Core 4 Explained

Core 4 is a LifeSwitch initiative aimed at helping everyone make progress in their Christian journey. It is for everyone whether they are new to faith, have been a Christian for years, or even if they are still deciding what they believe and who God is. It's called...

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Three Reasons Why I’m Excited about CORE 4

There are a number of reason why I am excited about CORE 4, however the top three are: 1. It’s directional but not dictatorial A lot of discipleship ideas are very dictatorial - you need to do/know/be A then B then C then D and on and on it goes. People are pushed...

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The Two Challenges with Discipleship

THE TWO CHALLENGES WITH DISCIPLESHIP OK let’s be clear. There are way more than two challenges when it comes to discipleship. And yes, sin and its appeal is #1. Yet, in my opinion, there are two further big challenges that come up again and again when it comes to...

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Camp Survivor – Moving Forward

The Goal The goal with Camp Survivor has never been to simply run great camps (which we do!). Rather the goal has always been: To connect kids with God To serve our community in a meaningful and sacrificial way. To develop great young leaders. With this goal in mind,...

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All you need to know about IGGY

WHAT IS IGGY? As you know, the intermediate years of a young person’s life can be challenging. Transitioning from a child into a teenager, wanting more independence yet still in need of a lot of guidance, is a confusing time. These young people are faced everyday with...

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