Tonight at FUSE & IGGY a big announcement was made to our young people regarding Judith & Ethan and their future. And I wanted to ensure that everyone in LifeSwitch (and parents of our young people) are informed and kept in the loop through first hand information straight from us. We will speak about this on Sunday, but given it’s a few days away, we thought it would be best to detail the announcement here. 

After a considerable amount of prayer, counsel and reflection, it has become clear to Judith & Ethan that it is now time for a new season and for them to step out from youth pastoring. They have done a great job getting things to where they are today and now feel it is time for someone else to come in and take charge. Yes, as always when there is a change in season, this hasn’t been an easy decision, it comes with a very real sense of sadness, but also excitement for what’s ahead.

Judith and Ethan have made a huge contribution to LifeSwitch and put a significant amount of blood, sweat and tears into the church as a whole, yet primarily at the youth. They have loved, lead, encouraged, inspired, challenged and so much more. They can be extremely proud of all they have accomplished and the fruit of their work will be seen for many years and even generations to come. 

This is all very new, and no new leader has been put in place yet, we just wanted to be fully transparent through the journey as this is fair on you, on Judith & Ethan and LifeSwitch. 

Judith & Ethan are absolutely committed to finishing well, and working through an intentional and structured transition so as to ensure current momentum and relationships are maintained and developed. Therefore they will continue on staff through to the end of the year to make this happen. Everyone is aiming for and expecting the transition to be as seamless and smooth as possible. Once the transition has happened, Judith & Ethan will continue to be apart of LifeSwitch and get involved volunteering like most people here. Exactly where is still to be determined. However they both have great communication gifting so will very much play a role in this area moving forward.

We will launch an aggressive recruitment campaign tomorrow to find the best possible candidate to lead our youth into this new season. Youth ministry is an area of absolute priority for LifeSwitch and we will therefore be continuing to staff a Youth Pastor in a full time capacity as well as a Camp Survivor and Youth Leadership Director in a part time basis. We will leave no stone unturned as we seek to find the right people for these positions. Maybe you know someone who would excel, please let me know, I’d love to make contact. I 100% believe there isn’t a more supportive church for youth ministry than LifeSwitch. The amount of energy and resource we pour into youth and Camp Survivor is unparalled. 

Judith & Ethan will leave a huge gap and big boots to fill. We love them and we will very much miss having them on staff. Yet we have a great youth team, we invest a lot into youth ministry and are sure we will find someone to step in and continue to move this ministry forward.