In SwitchKids, we are committed to never settling to simply be babysitters. What we do is way too important for that. We have the special opportunity to imprint truths into the hearts and minds of kids that they will carry with them for the rest of their life.

We really do believe that every child that walks into SwitchKids has the potential to impact their world. That they have been uniquely created by God, put together just the way He designed. Their personality, their talents, their gifts, all placed within them on purpose and for a purpose. That they can each do more than we can possibly think or imagine. So why would we ever settle to simply babysit, when there is a world to impact and a generation of young people who have the ability to shape it.

We are convinced that there is nothing more powerful than a consistent person and a consistent place for each child as they develop their faith. That is why every child gets to be part of a Small Group at SwitchKids. And why we begin and end with Small Groups every single week. Each kid gets to have a consistent leader who gets alongside them, ensuring they are known and valued. Someone who accepts them, cares for them and encourages them. Small Groups are exactly that, small. This means our leaders can give their few their full love, care and attention.

We believe that every kid matters to God. So they also matter to us. You see, how can we ensure that they know that they matter, that they are loved, that they are valued, by an invisible God unless they are treated that way by God’s visible people? Having a consistent, caring, engaged leader is key to this.

Finally, we know we work better when we work together, when what we’re doing at SwitchKids complements what you are doing at home. That’s why one of our key focuses is to partner with parents. Spiritual formation isn’t simply the church’s responsibility, neither is it simply the parents. We know it’s when we combine that we are most effective. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to reinforce what we cover on Sundays, to point you in the direction of great resources and to be here to assist and walk with you on this journey as best we can. So make sure you get the weekly devotionals, the series overviews and stay up to date with the resources we’re promoting. Not all will click with you, but some will.

Together, we have the opportunity to see kids step into all God has for them. They are world changers and they matter.