We Need You! – Your Story Matters.

There is something about stories that captures attention. Something about stories that captivates people. There is something about stories that, research has proven and we know intuitively, that causes people to lean in. I have no doubt this is why Jesus continuously taught through stories.

Then there is something about personal stories that ramp up the authenticity of our faith, that take it from being a theoretical faith to a real faith. Where a real God, meets with real people and is at work in a real way. There is nothing more inspiring and faith building than hearing stories of God at work in people’s lives

So, this is where you can help (I believe we all have a responsibility to help).  Currently people always hear my stories, or the stories of those who are on the stage, yet it’s actually your stories that are the most influential. Stories of how God has acted, or is currently at work, in your life are incredibly powerful and God uses them in such significant ways to speak life and hope into others. It’s easy to say, “no not mine”. Or we let the kiwi humility prevent us “I don’t want to look good, or appear better than I am”.  Yet we need to understand, that it is our personal stories, our real stories that leave a greater impression on others than anything else. (Yes, I know that the word of God is “sharper than a two edged sword” and that it’s His word that will “never return void” – but when His word is coupled with personal accounts – watch out!).

In John 4, we read the account of the woman by the well and this lady goes running back to town to tell her story to everyone there – and as a result of hearing her story, the people from the village came streaming to hear Jesus. In Acts 26 when Paul is finally in front of King Agrippa and is given permission to speak, what does he do? He tells his story!!

 On Sunday we spoke about four stages we all go through when following Jesus:

  • Listen (our faith starts with listening, with information. It is a real faith, not a blind faith)
  • Loan the Boat (a small step, something that costs a little but not too much)
  • Let Down the Nets (a bigger step, that goes against our human way of thinking, a lot more on the line)
  • Leave Everything (to surrender all and follow Jesus with everything you’ve got)

 If you missed Sunday, please check it out here.

Each of these offer great places to tell personal stories, and we’d love love love to hear yours and allow others to hear it. To get your story told (whether through video, interview, on stage, written out and read by someone) whatever will work best and make you most comfortable. So no matter how long you have been around LifeSwitch for, or how mature or immature you believe your faith is, you have a story. Your story matters. Your story will help others. Your story will make a profound difference.

 When you use these four headings, I am sure we all have at least one incredible story. Some many, many more. For those of us, who are a lot more mature in our faith, we can no doubt tell stories from each of the different stages. For those new, it might only be at the ‘listen’ step but that’s still incredibly powerful.

 So if you’re new to the whole christian thing, and you’re still in the listening stage – something along these lines would be super powerful:

I’ve only been to LifeSwitch twice, never really been involved in a church before and know very little. But I came the first time because ……… and then came back because ……….. and I don’t know what this journey has for me but I feel ………

 If you’re in the Loan the Boat stage:

I’ve been really challenged to look into the claims of Christianity, and as a result I’ve spent the last few weeks ………… And while i’ve still got questions, I am starting to see ……………

 When you have Let Down the Nets

I felt God clearly say to me I needed to trust him with my …………… and while it was super scary, I had no idea how things would turn out and it required me to do something very different than I normally would, I thought ok God, I can trust you. So I ……..… and I experienced  God meet my faith with His faithfulness when …………..

Or when you decided to Leave Everything

A year ago God really started to speak to me about trusting him fully. Like I was kinda doing what I should be doing, everyone knew I was a christian and I had a really good front allowing people to think I was living a fully surrendered life. Yet, I knew I wasn’t truly trusting God with everything. For instance ……. And when I was …….. I was confronted with a choice …….. and with tears streaming down my face, I said ok God, I’m all in!!

So please please please, would you consider sharing a story? you can simply type it out, and allow it to be read. You can read it out loud, we can catch it on video. We are just looking for real stories from real people told in a real way. You have one, maybe many. This is all of our opportunity to serve one another and help the wider body. I have no doubt there is someone who needs to hear what you have to share.

If you’re keen, and I really hope you are, as you have something worth sharing. Please email me at clint@LifeSwitch.org.nz or give me a call!