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Welcome to LifeSwitch where our doors are open to all people from all backgrounds. You don’t have to dress up, don’t have to be a certain age, don’t need to pretend. Whatever your story, your past, your struggles, your doubts or your questions, you are not only welcome at LifeSwitch but are wanted at LifeSwitch!!


Every Sunday at 10am and 11:30am - at Silverstream Retreat.



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What's Going
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At LifeSwitch we have a range of things happening throughout the week. Check out what’s going on, we would love for you to come along.

This Sunday
Celebrate Recovery
LifeSwitch CORE

This Sunday


When we learn to drive, keeping track of the RPMs is important advice to ensure we protect and get the most out of the vehicle we are driving.  When it comes to life, there are also gauges we can look at to ensure we likewise are protecting ourselves and getting the most out of life.

This 4 week series looks at what those gauges are and how we can all use them to live life with all cylinders firing.

Sundays 10am and 11:30am 








Celebrate Recovery

Celebrate Recovery is a place where it’s okay to not be okay. We all have hurts, habits, and hang-ups but the good news is that God’s radical grace provides not only a way out of the mess, but healing in the  midst of it.  

No matter what you’re facing and no matter what you’re going through, we’re committed to navigating through the tough stuff with you.

Contact Ann Hockly if you'd like to know more - ann@lifeswitch.org.nz

LifeSwitch CORE

If you're a Core LifeSwitcher then this is for you!!

Intimate worship, communion, vision. You don't want to miss it. So turn up early and expectant!!


The next Core night is Wednesday 17 February - 7.30pm in the barn at Silverstream Retreat.

We were created
to do life together

At LifeSwitch we believe no one should be doing life alone. Yet unfortunately, despite all the technology and connectivity that we have at our disposal today, most people feel less connected and more isolated than ever. So as well as regularly attending LifeSwitch, we encourage you no matter where you are on your spiritual journey to get connected with a group of other people and do life together. Please see the following for ways to help you get connected into the life of LifeSwitch!!

I'm In


LIFEgroups are a core part of LifeSwitch, they provide an environment where everyone can be loved and love, be cared for and care, be encouraged and encourage.

No matter your age, stage or situation there's a group for you!!

Contact Ann Hockly
021 362 734 or ann@lifeswitch.org.nz

To download the latest LIFEgroup questions, please click here.



To access the new Changed website please click here.


I'm In

One of the best ways to get to know people and really feel part of the team is to get involved and serve within LifeSwitch in some way.

No matter your skill set, current ability or experience there is a place for you on the team, all we ask is you come with a great attitude and be willing to go the extra mile.

So whether people, technology, kids, youth, music, drama, dance is your thing, let us know and we will help get you involved.


If you are new to LifeSwitch we would love to meet you and answer any questions you may have. Please send us an email, we would love to hear from you!!

Committed to the Next Generation

LifeSwitch is fully committed to raising up a generation of young people that are confident, passionate, resilient and sold out to God. Therefore we place a huge amount of emphases into Kids, Youth and Young Adults. Whether you fit into one of these, have children that do or simply know others that do, please take a look, it would be great to have you or them along.

Fuse Rides


At SwitchKids, we love kids and love what kids love! Fun! SwitchKids is for children 2-10 years and is made up of two age specific experiences (2-4 year olds and 5-10 year olds).

Our experiences and environments are safe, creative, fun and relevant to the ages and stages of the children in them. We aim to Incite Wonder, Provoke Discovery and Fuel Passion in the heart of each child toward this incredible loving God who created them and the world they live in!  Every Sunday at 10am.


Ignition is perfect for anyone intermediate aged (years 7-8, ages 11-13).  It runs every Friday from 5-6.30pm and is full of awesome people, music, games, hangout and food.

We also run small groups which is a time for you to get to know people and hangout in a small group. These run on Sunday mornings from 10am-11am along side our main LifeSwitch experience. 

Contact Ethan Fairbrother 0275564633 or ethan@lifeswitch.org.nz


If you’re a college aged student, then FUSE is for you!!


Fun, relevant, inspiring, crazy, music – it’s all on each Friday at 7pm.


If you need a ride – click here to find the pick up/drop off times.


For more info contact Judith 027 301 2789 or judith@lifeswitch.org.nz.

Fuse Rides

If you need a ride to/from FUSE - text Troy on 027 324 1705 to let him know what stop you're at:

Pickups – Upper Hutt:  Rimutaka caltex @ 6:25; UH Station @ 6:30;  Trentham United Video @ 6:35;  Fig Tree @ 6:40;  Silverstream station @ 6:45.

Pickups – Lower Hutt:  Queensgate @ 6:20;  Ropata Medical @ 6:25;  Taita Shops @ 6:35;  S/Valley Front carpark @ 6:45.

Drop offs – Upper Hutt:  Silverstream station @ 9:05;  Fig tree @ 9:10;  Trentham UV @ 9:15;  UH station @ 9:20;  Rimutaka Caltex @ 9:25

Drop offs - Lower Hutt:   S/Valley carpark @ 9:05;  Taita shops @ 9:15;  Ropata @ 9:25;  Queensgate @ 9:30

Who We Are

The heart and soul of LifeSwitch is to connect people with God. We do this by:

  • Creating environments where unchurched people (or anyone and everyone) are free to discover faith, to come with their questions, their doubts, their struggles and be who they really are, there really is no need to look better or worse than you are. We don’t believe in hiding behind masks, or in trying to cover the truth, but in being real, authentic and accepting.
  • Inspiring, equipping and challenging Christ followers to grow in their own faith and to be as effective as possible at leveraging their influence in there own sphere. As Christ followers we should never stop growing, and cultivating our character, LifeSwitch strives to help you live a little more like Jesus each day.

It is also important to note that LifeSwitch isn’t focused on one person, or even a small group, rather LifeSwitch is a number of everyday people, who are all Individually far from perfect, yet despite our own deficiencies, we believe collectively and united God can use us in a powerful and effective way to influence our communities, city and nation with the love, hope, peace and goodness of a compassionate God.

  • Casual atmosphere
  • Creative approaches
  • Thought-provoking and relevant messages based on the Bible
  • Live vibrant music
  • Fun aged appropriate experiences for your kids
  • Cranking youth experiences
  • Friendly people to hang out & connect with
  • Amazing coffee and food in our very own cafe
  • Opportunities to help others
Clint Craig

Clint Craig

Jenni Ross

Jenni Ross

Reuben Eruera

Reuben Eruera

Shook Rapana

Shook Rapana

Laurel Hooper

Laurel Hooper

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EMAIL: clint@lifeswitch.org.nz

PHONE: 04 562 9073

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If you have any questions or want to know more about what we do, please feel free to contact us. we would love to hear from you!




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